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Customer Reviews for Billy Strings

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An Acoustic Guitar doesn't do that

Digger from Minneapolis, Minnesota
23rd May 2024

Calling Strings' music "bluegrass" is like calling the Beatles Sargent Peppers "pop". I've seen some of the great guitarists over the years (Eddy, Slash, Richards, Ted,...), but I've never seen anybody do "stuff" like this...with an acoustic guitar! The Armory was rocking. Strings is a genius in his prime...think David Gilmore circa 1977. He's moving music forward, not just bluegrass.

Billy Strings at the Armory

Bill from Minneapolis, Minnesota
23rd May 2024

Fantastic show. Each member of the band is amazingly skilled and together their timing, rhythm and harmonies are off the charts good. Billy strings is a talent above any other in Bluegrass. His guitar play is second to none and I am a huge Mark Knopfler fan.

Billy Strings

Topper Vosburgh from Portland, Maine
31st July 2023

Absolutely great venue and set of shows. Although mother nature threw a wrench in the works for wnd night a great time was had by all

Hugely entertaining!

Patrick Drummond from Los Angeles, California
24th June 2023

Wasn't familiar with Billy strings prior to this event, but my sister and I decided to take a chance. So glad we did! Amazing musicianship with all the band members, high energy and fast paced. The audience was great with a wide variety of ages from babies to elderly hippies, very friendly and welcoming, and let's just say there was a thick cloud of smoke over the whole event! The song lineup ranged everywhere from traditional bluegrass,(all five band members standing around a single microphone taking turns playing into it and singing in harmony), to what some people called "acid grass". Midway through the show the band went in the back and Billy sat alone with a stool and acoustic guitar and sang three or four songs and talked to the audience. Very entertaining and they made fans of both of us. We'll make sure to catch them each time they're in town.

The future of bluegrass.

Steve Forsgren from Indianapolis
15th October 2022

Fantastic musicianship. Upbeat musical style. A good time will be had by all.

All hat. No cattle.

Phil Edmoundson from Kansas City, Missouri
14th October 2023

All I can say it was just a disappointment.